We understand the needs of processing and manufacturing plants. Our experience allows us to rebuild and recondition your old worn out parts and equipment.

Our process provides a tough, longer/lasting more durable surface that resists chipping, flaking, metal/pickup and to surpass conventional surfaces coatings and O.E.M. standards.

In many cases parts are restored with closer tolerances then they had when new. Where required, the rebuilding is done to the manufacturers specifications. Space-age technology is applied to all surface finishing of parts to assume longer life and superior performances of wearing parts.



How we can help you?

As a supplier of rebuilding and service to the industry nationwide, Innovation Machine Services is available 24/7 days a week. As your equipment ages, the various wear surfaces can develop ridges, grooves or flat spots from normal usage. Before the small problem becomes a major call IMS. We run a turn-key business so that we can fulfill our customer’s needs.

our services

CNC Machining



Spin Balancing


Reverse Engineering


Alloy Welding

O.D & I.D Grinding

Horizontal Boring

industries served

(But not limited to)

Forging Mills

Paper Mills

Sugar Mills

Manufacturing Companies

Food & Dairy

Offshore Drilling

Chemical Plants

Oil Drilling Companies

Plastic Industries



Steel Mills

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